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The Student News Site of Tinley Park High School

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How and Why Leaves Change Color


Fall is a beautiful time of year with all sorts of shades of red, yellow, and orange leaves. As the season transitions from summer to fall, the cooler weather arises. This causes the leaves’ chlorophyll to break down. The green color slowly fades and starts to change into red, yellow, or orange. This is a chemical change that happens. You may wonder, why some leaves change quicker than others? Well, that’s because of the pigment and sugars inside the leaf. Each leaf’s pigment determines the color it will turn. Carotenoids produce orange, yellow, and brown colored leaves. Anthocyanin produces the red color to the leaves.  The color change process occurs after the chlorophyll phase of the leaf ends which gives its natural green color in warmer months. After this process takes place, the leaves start to fall from the trees. The veins inside the leaves start to close off and they become food for soil organisms. Also, fallen leaves decompose and restock with nutrients and soil. This makes up part of the spongy humus layer of the forest floor, which absorbs rainfall. Humus is dark organic material that forms in soil when animal and plant matter decays. It contains many nutrients for healthy growing soil. Another thing about dead fallen leaves is that they can cause mold allergies for people. These allergens come from particles such as ragweed and mold spores. The autumn equinox was on September 23rd this year, so you will be seeing a lot of fall colors!


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