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Did You Know?

January and February
Did You Know?

There are so many things to know about our world. There is something new that happens each day. I’m here to tell you 8 fun facts about the months of January and February!

Did You Know…the birth flower in January is a carnation? Carnations are flowers native to the Mediterranean. There are white, red, pink, and purple carnations. White carnations symbolize purity, red symbolizes love and passion, pink symbolizes gratitude, and purple symbolizes spontaneous adventures.

Did You Know…there are different New Year’s traditions all over the world? In the United States, New York has a 700-pound ball drop from Times Square when the time hits midnight. In Spain, people will eat 12 grapes that represent good luck with a new start heading into the upcoming year. Another interesting tradition is celebrated in Greece, where they throw pottery out of windows.

Did You Know…January 14th is National Vision Board Day? Since the new year is in January, people create vision boards to set goals and be creative. Many people will also put inspirational phrases and focus on what accomplishments they want to achieve for the month or year. You can use pictures, newspapers, magazines, stickers, and more. Also, studies show that vision boards help to have a positive attitude during difficult times because you can express your feelings through what you are creating.

Did You Know…Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is January 15th? Martin Luther King Jr. was a Civil Rights Activist who showed his leadership and commitment. His famous speech “I Have A Dream” inspired so many people and also earned a Nobel Peace Prize. He led many campaigns that included men and women, regardless of color or ethnicity. He is also memorialized in statues, streets, churches, parks, and as a world leader internationally.

Did You Know…February 1st is National Get Up Day? This day offers opportunities to share inspiring stories, learn how to get back up after falling, and look at every aspect of life. It’s a great reminder to spread positivity and encouragement. National Get Up Day was founded in 2017 by the National Day Calendar and the U.S. Figure Skating Association. This is because February 1st is the official ending of National Skating Month, which is in January. 

Did You Know…the birthstone in February is an amethyst? The amethyst is a purple gem that is found in Russia, and Brazil. Africa, the United States, and more. Many experts say that it’s a gift that brings good luck. Before humans even knew about the gem, Ancient Egyptians believed that amethysts were a form of prayer and protection from harm.

Did You Know…February 15th is Susan B. Anthony’s birthday? Susan B. Anthony is a Women’s Rights Activist. In 1848, a group of women held a convention at Seneca Falls, in New York. This was the first convention in the United States that involved rights for women. Now, the Nineteenth Amendment grants the right for women to vote over 21 in the U.S. 

Did You Know…Presidents’ Day was February 19, 2024? Presidents’ Day occurs on the third Monday in February every year. The day celebrates the U.S. Presidents and all of their accomplishments. Some presidents have a birthday in February including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In South Dakota, there is Mount Rushmore which has George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Many tourists visit there to learn more about the history and structure. 

Sources: https://www.almanac.com/content/february-birthstone-color-and-meaning




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