Homecoming: Bop or Flop?


Sarah Anderson-Stewart, Staff

To kick off the 2022-2023 school year we had an amazing Homecoming Week and Dance! Spirit Week was a great way to get students together to show spirit and it was so fun to see how many students participated in the activities. Some of the main highlights were seeing the seniors dress as senior citizens–let’s just say there were a lot of canes and gray hair.  The student who brought a car tire for Anything but a Backpack Day stole the show; it was humongous! Decade Day was a blast from the past and I felt like I time-traveled into the roaring 20s or was in The Great Gatsby when I saw one girl wearing a Flapper style dress.  

We were all  excited for the Pep Rally and Mr. Huhn matched and increased our energy with his announcements and Coach Vitt helped us cheer on our football team–I got an exclusive interview with him before the game.  See below!  The Homecoming Court was glamorous, Poms and Cheer rocked the court and the surprise teacher dance got a lot of laughs.



A moment with Coach Vitt: Titan Varsity Coach 

1.) How is it to coach the football team? Tell us a little about yourself. 

Awesome experience coaching this great group of guys.  I am a former Titan student football player myself and have been coaching football for 16 years here at TPHS. 

2.) What are some things you love about your team? 

Love that these guys bust their butts day in and day out no matter what adversity pops up.  They are an extremely close knit group of guys who hold each other accountable.  Great dudes!

3.) What do you think needs improvement?

We need to get more overall school involvement in football.  Football is a tough sport, but it also creates tough people.  I think some guys in our school believe that football is too tough for them.  If they would check it out, they would be hooked for life!  What is worthwhile, is difficult!!

5.) How is the team doing so far? What are you learning about your team?

The team is still learning who they are and learning how to win.  These guys will run through a brick wall for each other though.Although the Titans didn’t win their Homecoming game, they showed tremendous effort and amazing team work. I’m sure they learned a lot and are ready for the next game. It sounds like Coach Vitt has a lot of respect for his team and knows they have great potential. 

As for the rest of the homecoming festivities, the most exciting day for many of us was the dance itself!  There was so much preparation, from the staff/school to the students trying to look their best.   The theme this year was “Jardine De L’amor” which means Garden of Love in French. The decorations were very pretty: lights and lanterns lit the hallways, vines draped down from every wall. There were golden butterflies everywhere and a balloon arch in the doorway. The DJ was playing music to make us move and everyone was either dancing or awkwardly walking around (like me). One of the highlights of the evening was the popsicles that were passed out at the end of the dance. Those went really fast–just like the night.  We spend so much time and anticipation for high school dances and they fly by, so I hope everyone had fun and will make it to at least one dance during high school.

Many people were still buzzing about the dance on Monday, some commenting on the amazing set up, especially the lighting; others said they liked previous dances better, or just felt unsure of what to do if they weren’t busting moves on the dance floor.  Since it was my first dance, I can only say it was as fun as each person made it and it was great to hang out with friends, get dressed up and meet people.  Students are always welcome to join TPHS Student Council to help set up for upcoming events and help make it better; the more, the merrier! Welcome back, officially, Titans!