TPHS Black History Wrap Up

Mahliyah Chelikas , Staff Writer

As a wrap up to February’s Black History Month presentations, Titan Timessat down with Mrs. Baftiri to talk about the importance of these celebrations and how they brought students together at TPHS.  See the interview between Mahliyah Chelikas and Mrs. Baftiri:  

Mahliyah: Can you explain what events you hosted in February?


Mrs. Baftiri:  We had daily black history trivia, which were questions on the daily announcements.  Students answered questions to familiar and unfamiliar questions. We encouraged students to look up answers they didn’t know.  This should inspire the

m to find out information that they did not previously know about the many contributions of African-Americans.  Each day, the winner was announced and we delivered a treat to them in their morning classes.

Teachers also volunteered to be a part of a door decorating contest.  Mrs. O’Connor’s classroom door was the winner, but everyone did a fantastic job!   This contest inspired teachers and students to create a visual representation of what Black History Month means to them.  It also added to the celebratory mood of the month.All day in the Audion on Feb. 19, Juniors Peyton Fox, Mya Williams and Calin Jackson taught fellow Titans 

On Feb. 26th, Najwa Dance Corps from Chicago provided an interactive dance show during 8th period. Teachers and students were able to see and participate in traditional dances from various African countries.

Mahliyah: What was the overall goal of these events?

Mrs. Baftiri: I love when students can use each other as a resource.  The only way to really get to know each other is to see and talk to each other in person.  We all crave and need a community to belong to, and I really love organizing events that bring students and teachers together to learn and grow.  It just makes everybody feel like they belong and they can learn about each other’s differences and similarities.


Although, Black History celebrations take place in February, it’s important to embrace culture all year.  Once people have a better understanding of different cultures, there is less likely to be misunderstandings among differing people.  We appreciate all of the fun provided by Mrs. Baftiri and the Seekers students and can’t wait to see what’s in store the rest of the year! Remember, all of our cultural histories make-up the melting pot of America.