Looking to adopt a furry friend? Izzy is waiting!


Titan Times Staff, Staff Writer

Each month, we will showcase a foster dog looking for a home.  Show these adorable dogs to your parents and beeegggggg!

Dizzy, who now responds to Izzy, is a 9 month old staffie who looks like a Dalmatian (or a cow) with all of her spots. She’s a typical wiggle butt who loves to play with and chase chew toys. She’s independent during play time and can stay occupied for hours. Sometimes she gets the puppy zoomies and would love an active home, but is overall mild-mannered and well-behaved. She enjoys a good chill session as much as a play session. Izzy is extremely smart and treat-motivated. She has already learned sit, stay, off, and lay down. She’s working with leave it (she loves tug-o-war, but is learning to give up her toys). She absolutely adores everyone she meets, including dogs, but she’s still learning that not all dogs love her puppy energy! She is house-trained and crate trained, but would prefer a comfy dog bed to sleep in once she’s out of her puppy stage! Izzy is a total sweetheart to her core and can’t wait to meet her furever people. She’s one-of-a-kind in looks and personality. Please contact her foster mom, [email protected] to learn more.