November 2021 Horoscopes


Charlie Desnoyers, Staff Writer

Aries: This past year has filled your mind up with unnecessary stress and thoughts, it is time to declutter. Look for ways to relax and wind back on things that bring you stress. In November you may find yourself questioning things, especially those you’ve taken for granted, relationships, objects, and more. Use this month not to answer these questions, but reflect as to what you can do to get closer to an answer, whether you like it or not.

Taurus: In the month of November you may find your relationships to become more intense, whether it be in love, business, or platonic, your relationships have heightened activity. With this increased activity you may find yourself not seeing eye to eye with those around you and in relationships with you. While resolving issues in your relationships is not a straight line, use conversations to help resolve them.

Gemini: This month is a time of reflection for you, especially the routines you have. While it may be hard to break these routines, new routines replacing your ineffective ones bring essential and prosperous growth to your life, relationships, and grades. This change in routines may be freedom to you, so don’t be afraid to change what you have been doing. Breaking a habit is easy and it only takes 18 days to form a new one, it is better to start sooner than later.

Cancer: Take time to be in touch with your creative side and your creativity. Whether you have been in touch with it or not, it is important to explore your creativity and the new skills you learn along the way. November is an excellent month to learn new skills, or relearn new ones you have fallen out of touch with. Regardless, being able to express yourself through many different avenues is an important part of you and any human being, and learning new ways to do so can inspire you to do it. 

Leo: This month is the perfect time for you to set intentions and make plans for the future. Don’t feel pressured to do things that will have a big impact on your life, even a plan to meet up with an old friend or organize your room is still a great thing to do this month. Additionally, take extra time to declutter, whether it be relationships, objects, or your mind. It is important and essential to do so, especially after times of high stress and strain on the mind and body.

Virgo: Take time to work on your communication. This general goal can be interpreted in many different ways, and it is your responsibility to do with it as you please. If you have a problem at hand, use your communication skills to get to the root cause and stop it. Fine tune your communication skills through talking to friends and family, and reflecting on what you can do to improve. Communication is an effective skill to have and the month of November is an excellent time to strengthen and use your communicating skills.

Libra: This month of November is an important time to evaluate the resources you have. It is a blessing to have these resources, whether they be physical or mental, and it is important to take good care of what is in your belongings. Whether it be getting everything in order or decluttering what you already have, take the time to take care of your resources: it is very important to do so.

Scorpio: This month makes the perfect time to focus on what matters most to you and the goals you have. Whether they be relationship, work, or school goals, use your stamina and dedication to things you love to accomplish the goals you choose. The way you accomplish these goals may come in unconventional and unexpected ways, so don’t be surprised when you think outside the box to accomplish important goals of yours.

Sagittarius: You may feel overwhelmed with the work you have to do or the goals you are working towards and need to accomplish. Rather than letting this stress overwhelm you, use it to make positive changes in your life, small or large. Sometimes the goals and routines we set for ourselves don’t work for and rather against us, it is important to notice when these happen and to stop them from overwhelming you.

Capricorn: Take charge and kick start something new in your life, whether that be a relationship, project, or goal. This month you may find yourself with the energy to do this, and use it wisely. Your ability to focus on details is a gift when it comes to working on yourself, however learn to focus on the bigger picture when it comes to you, your relationships, and your future.

Aquarius: Use this time to focus on and heavily work towards your goals – make serious progress. Whether they be academic, professional, or other goals, focus hard on ways you can complete these goals. One way you can do this is by reevaluating your relationships: think to yourself and figure out if the relationships you are in promote a positive growing mindset. A poor relationship can set you back far in your goals and productive mindset, so set aside time to find what is and isn’t working for you, it will pay off.

Pisces: This month you may find yourself with the feeling of wanting change; understand what you want from change in your life and act on it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was it built without hard work: the change you desire is brought on by the work you put into it. I won’t walk you through how to bring on the wanted change, it is up to you to interpret the results you want and move from there. Through the changes you make you will find your life to change – even the smallest decisions impact you one way or another.