Online Shopping


Taylor Brown

During the pandemic our clothes-shopping has been limited due to stores and malls not being open so people have resorted to online shopping. Online isn’t really an equivalent to going out and shopping, but it is a solution to be able to get new clothes you like.

Benefits of online shopping

Online shopping is a thing that everyone is doing now since some aren’t comfortable with going out to shop because of Covid. Shopping websites are very easy and beneficial to those out there looking for ways to buy clothes. One benefit from online shopping is that you have more options of clothes to choose from that you may not have in the actual store. Another advantage from online shopping is that you have more size options. By the clothes being online the manufacturer has more sizes and more amounts of the specific item than what may be in the store because lots of people are going in and buying them. Also while online shopping if you’re not ready to buy the clothes or item you can always save it for a later time by putting it in your favorites on whatever website you’re using.

Disadvantages of online shopping

Although online shopping is very convenient it has its downfalls. One downside of online shopping is that shipping may take a long time. Normal shipping is about a 4-7 business day process, along with the change that your clothes may not arrive with everyone ordering stuff at the same time orders can get mixed up and not even sent through to the companies. Another thing wrong with online shopping is you may not get the right size that you wear because you’ve never shopped online or with the company before and some companies clothes size differently by running too small or too big.  Also with online shopping, your total may be more due to the shipping cost and it costs more to get it to arrive early–but the worst is that some have complained about finding BUGS on their clothes!


Where to online shop

There are lots of different websites you can go to for online shopping,  like Fashion, Shein, and Forever 21, trending with the clothes that everyone is buying. The good thing is that the prices are the same as if you were getting it at the store. Another thing is that shopping online isn’t just limited to clothes: you can buy food, shoes and other essentials you may need. For some, online shopping may be a headache, but it’s very convenient from the times that we are in now.