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The Student News Site of Tinley Park High School

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The Student News Site of Tinley Park High School

Titan Times

The Student News Site of Tinley Park High School

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Monyrah Joanna (MJ) Tabelin


Favorite Activity/Activities: I like to sing for both fun and work. I like to draw and doodle in both traditional and digital art. I like to play with both board and video games and some of my favorites of are Uno, Jenga, Genshin Impact, and Minecraft.

Favorite Childhood Memory: My favorite childhood memories include nostalgic images of me and my entire family living in the Philippines first, and then moving to different countries. I love watching videos from this time including myself. Every time I see and hear them all or most, it just makes me smile, and laugh, and even makes me want to go back and do it over and over again. The other ones are huge birthday parties I’ve ever had like as in we did it in a banquet mostly. I’ve been doing those since I was aged 1 to 9.

What extracurricular activities have you been a part of?  How many years have you participated in this/these activities?: I’ve been mostly involved in Art Club and I’ve been doing it since I was a Freshman.

The class and teacher you enjoyed the most: I enjoyed Concert Choir with Mr. Victor Pazik. I’ve done this since Freshman as well just like in Art Club. We get to perform a lot of pieces we’ve never seen or heard of before and now halfway through this school year, I get to volunteer to teach some choral/vocal warm-ups and music. Also, the field trips were enjoyable we get to go to most likely other high schools and colleges and see them all perform too.

After High School Plans: I would like to go to South Suburban College and maybe study either Nursing, Computer Technology, or also majoring in a Singing Performance, which I wish I would give that advice to my parents because of all my life that I’ve been so good at it.

My goal(s) for 10 years from now: This might be hard to think about for me right now of where I am, but in the next decades, I’ll go and find a decent job that is just fits for me and also, I’ll graduate college with the best honors.

The person or people I admire the most: The people I admire the most are first my parents, because we help each other a lot to get a lot everything we need because we have each other.

Advice you would give to  underclassmen: “High school is a fresh chance to explore new things. But don’t worry, you’re gonna enjoy the experience once you know how it works!”

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