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The Student News Site of Tinley Park High School

Titan Times

The Student News Site of Tinley Park High School

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Addison Weed


Favorite Activity/Activities:



Favorite Childhood Memory:

My favorite childhood memory would be all of the soccer tournaments I would travel to with my team and my family. This is my favorite memory because my family would always be there to support me while I play the sport that I love the most. I enjoyed running around hotel halls and spending time with my team as well as having family time exploring all the different states.


What extracurricular activities have you been a part of?  How many years have you participated in this/these activities?

Sophomore leadership- 1 year National Honors Society- 2 years Junior Prom- 1 year Pep Club- 1 year


Favorite School Memory (High School or other):

My favorite school memory is winning Regionals with my varsity soccer team. We worked super hard all season to earn a championship and we do it. We persevered together as one and accomplished so many goals together including winning a Regional Championship title for our school community.


The class and teacher you enjoyed the most:

I enjoyed Mrs. O’Connor’s British Literature class the most. I met most of my best friends from that class and to this day still remember all of the great memories we have together starting from that class.


After High School Plans:

I am going to attend Lakeland University to play college soccer and major in Education.


My goal(s) for 10 years from now:

My goals in 10 years are to have a full-time teaching job, teach students to be established in my community, a productive citizen, and be healthy physically and mentally.


The person or people I admire the most:

The people I admire the most are my parents. They have set a high standard for me and I am so grateful for their support and encouragement throughout these years. They are a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They set such a good example for me and since I was little, I have always looked up to them.


The Coach that has had the biggest impact on me:

Kelsey Neylon, my high school soccer coach has had the biggest impact on me not only as a person but a player. She is always there to support me no matter what but she pushes me to be the best version of myself.


Advice you would give to  underclassmen:

High school only lasts four years, and even though things might get tough and you might get discouraged, don’t give up, don’t hold back, and don’t let the little things get to you. It goes by faster than you could imagine.


Anything additional you would like to add?

Once a Titian ALWAYS a Titian.


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