Career Focus: Photography


Taylor Couch, Staff Writer

     Photography is considered an in-demand profession. Workload depends on the season and field you go into. Those working in news fields will most likely have a heavier workload and have to work full-time. However, those working in an independent studio might work part-time or whenever they are needed. 

     Some different fields you could work in are sports, travel, architectural, astrophotography, fashion, documentary, portrait, food, advertising, real estate, etc. For most fields of photography there are no education requirements. Certain fields however need at least a bachelor’s degree in photography, as well as certain places that hire photographers.

     One of the many fields of photography that you can work in is travel photography. This is a freelance field. A travel photographer is a person who is paid to take travel related photographs and videos. You have to be self-motivated and completely dedicated to your job. Many travel photographers are also influencers on most platforms of social media. To start your journey to become a travel photographer you should upgrade your equipment. Yes, it will cost a lot. But you’re starting, so you’ll be able to make up for it. You should start off by upgrading your camera and you’ll probably want a tripod and flashes too. There’s other equipment you’ll probably want as well, like maybe a drone to get overhead shots of amazing views.

     The next step you should take is creating an account on various social media platforms, and a website too. Then you build an amazing portfolio so that businesses will hire you. You also need to choose a niche because the more specific you are the better. Do your research to make sure your freelance business is legal. Finally, optimize your work, keep studying, and you’ll start to earn money.

     There are four main ways to become a successful photographer. Travel for free thanks to photography, sell photos in stocking or private markets, organize photo trips, and get paid by companies. Make sure to be passionate about your work. Stay dedicated and keep traveling.

     An esteemed photographer from Illinois named Colleen Plumb, is a lifestyle photographer. She creates projects about the contradictory relationship between humans and animals. She has various collections all across America. She also has a video installation and an ongoing book series. This was just one example of many photographers. As a photographer you have the freedom to create things you’re passionate about. You have the ability to inform others of something you truly care about.