Say Something Week Has Arrived at Tinley


Ever since the heart-breaking shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School occurred, grieving parents have wanted to make sure nothing like that happens again. To do so, the parents created the organization Sandy Hook Promise. Their goal is to raise awareness for and to prevent social isolation. They want everyone to have someone to talk to and for everyone to talk to someone, as even one word can make a difference in someone’s life, and how they impact others. By informing students about the warning signs of someone who will either harm themselves or others and to spread kindness, they hope to create a world of positivity and to stop school violence. 

     One of their biggest nationwide programs is “Say Something Week”. It’s message is to tell students to say something to new people and to say something to a trusted adult if they see something is wrong. It takes place from March 3-6, but our school is celebrating it from May 17-21. Schools across the nation will participate in this week. By decorating the halls, having fun activities to do, and spreading kindness, schools are enacting the Sandy Hook Promise’s message.

     You can also do what these schools are doing too. If you see someone who has been acting strangely, posting weird things on social media, or seeming overall down, you can go to a trusted adult in our school. To prevent things from getting this bad, you can go out of your way and sit next to someone new at lunch or class or something as simple as saying hi to someone new. By doing these things, you can help the Sandy Hook Promise’s message and make the world a better place.