What’s Next after the Election?


Connor Crowe, Staff Writer

After all of the suspense and tension from the election season the people have decided who the President for the next four years will be. President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris defeated incumbent President Donald Trump and incumbent Vice President Mike Pence. One of the many great things about our American democracy is our peaceful transition of power, although nothing about this election year has been peaceful with all the division in the country we are currently facing–whether it’s been threats of harming people with the opposite opinion or tense relationships with loved ones who support the other candidate.


Now that November 3rd came and went, many thought that the stress of all the politics happening throughout the country would be gone. Well, they were mistaken; even after what seems to be a fair election there are claims of false ballots and voter fraud. President Trump sent out his lawsuits to all the swing states he lost to Biden. The states would listen to reporters of voter fraud and all of the claims presented had no evidence of voter fraud. Now that the false voter fraud claims have been debunked and the recounting has been completed many may wonder what’s next? One of the steps to transition is a new staff.


President Elect Joe Biden has started to pick members of his cabinet who will work alongside him in the West Wing and the Pentagon. Some familiar faces selected so far are former Democratic Presidential Nominee John Kerry, Ron Klain, General Lloyd Austin, and Anthony Blinken. What the Trump administration will have to do is cooperate with the Biden transition team and start filling him in on intelligence and national security matters. President Elect Joe Biden will become President Joe Biden when he is inaugurated on January 20th.  We are hopeful that some sense of normalcy returns to the White House.

Biden’s selection for Chief of Staff Ron Klain