TPHS Drama Club’s A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Play


Jenna Skanberg, Staff Writer

This winter, the Tinley Park High School Drama Club will perform Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – with a twist. The entire play will be in the format of a 1920s radio show.

With this unique format, the drama club could work from the safety of their homes – free from the risk of coronavirus. At first, many of them worried that, with such a change, this winter play would not be up to standard with plays of the past. As time went on, however, their worries were extinguished. Ms. Heniff, director of the drama club, recalls, “I was initially apprehensive because drama club wouldn’t have been at home in our audion; but, I quickly realized it isn’t about the building. It’s about the actors and the characters and story. We’re at home when perseverance and grit and laughter and love lives in developing our characters and encouraging one another.”

The challenges that the drama club faced became opportunities for growth. This semester, they were introduced to new skills, such as voice acting and sound editing. The students found themselves excited to perform in a new way.

“Well, trying voice acting out was so much fun,” said Kayla Jastrzebski, an actress in her third year of drama club. “We’re always trying new things out at drama, and this was an especially awesome experience. It was exciting to do something new, interesting, and fun with our club during Corona time! Loved everyone’s voices — everybody worked hard, and it shows.”

Most importantly, the drama club appreciated the opportunity to spend time together. Without their unshakable devotion to each other, this production would have never been possible. Ms. Heniff explained, “I was reminded of how lucky I am to be working with a great group of passionate, positive humans.” This sentiment is shared by every single member of the drama club. A sense of normalcy, and an opportunity to do what they love, were a great relief from the troubles of the past year.

Overall, the drama club cannot wait for everyone to see the product of their hard work. They truly believe that this show is some of their best work to date. Combine that with a classic, heartwarming story, and there’s a work of art for everyone to enjoy.

The Tinley Park High School production of A Christmas Carol will be available to the public on December 23, 2020.